The Moncler Group embodies a new concept of luxury, showcasing its distinctiveness through its representation.


What sets Moncler apart as the epitome of fashion is their remarkable capacity to seamlessly blend extreme functionality with the demands of metropolitan everyday life. The brand rests upon the pillars of craftsmanship, experience, technology, and technicality. Moncler’s success is rooted in a singular and unwavering brand strategy, reliant on the ability to develop innovative products that honor the brand’s origins.


Within the Moncler collection, Moncler Grenoble takes center stage as a meticulously crafted line aimed at peak performance, deeply rooted in outdoor pursuits, and specifically tailored for the slopes. In contrast, Moncler Genius stands as a representation of fashion’s evolution. It actively pursues a platform of collaborative creation, consistently pushing the boundaries of possibility at the convergence of art, design, entertainment, music, sport, and culture.


Via.Danese takes great pride in being the exclusive representative for Moncler’s comprehensive range of products for men, women, and kids in Scandinavia.