ETRO is an Italian fashion house that has defined luxury since its inception in 1968. Founded by Gimmo Etro, in Milan, the brand quickly gained recognition for its exceptional textiles and refined prints. The introduction of the iconic Paisley pattern in 1981 defined ETRO’s unique design DNA and is one of the iconic things the brand is well known for today.


ETRO has always been a pioneer in Made in Italy fashion, seamlessly blending art with prêt-à-porter. Their approach is a fusion of artistic references inspired by diverse cultures, shaped by collaborations with past and present maestros, showcasing a heritage rooted in printing that has evolved onto fashion runways.


Under the creative direction of Marco de Vincenzo, ETRO’s collections exude a universe of free-spiritedness and curiosity. Marco blends house codes with extravagant prints, infusing the brand’s DNA with modernity and fresh design ideas.