This is our story

When launched in 2001, DANESE started distributing luxury accessories, with brands such as Giorgio Armani, Kenzo Homme and Donna Karan, and quickly established deep connections with the industry. Shortly after, DANESE began a collaboration with Burberry Group, successfully launching the young hip Thomas Burberry brand in Scandinavia.

DANESE continues to focus on international, luxury brands seeking to be a partner that distinguishes itself with a selective distribution, and guaranteeing its partners the best qualitative exposure in the Scandinavian markets. We strive to build and develop brands, constantly seeking the best way of engaging with buyers and end consumers.

At DANESE, our aim is to be the no. 1 destination for luxury brands when it comes to finding the right distribution partner in Scandinavia and Europe. We believe in an innovative approach with strong focus on digitization in line with today’s world.

With a new unique CRM system, strong campaign support tools and digital awareness to support our wholesalers we want to change the agency business and bring this to the next level.